Daily QA



There are several quick checks you should carry out each day you use Kr81m generators.

Carry out the normal daily checks, in particular a flood image using Co57 or Tc99m
Check the correct collimator is fitted
Check the generator is OK with the bubble test
Check that the Kr81m energy window is peaked correctly (use the bubble test)
Check the generator activity on the delivery note. If a lower activity than usual has been delivered this will affect imaging times. If a higher activity than usual has been delivered then any dual acquisition protocols may need to be altered.
Kr81m activity can be measured directly by two methods, but this can be considered an optional QA issue.


Bubble Test

This is a very simple test which should be carried out when the Kr81m generator is set up for use in the camera room.

  1. Put about 200ml water in a 500ml beaker
  2. Place the output line from the generator into the water
  3. Start the air flow through the generator and check that there are vigourous bubbles in the water
  4. If the beaker is sitting in front of the camera, then the Kr81m camera energy peak can be checked at the same time (beware any water splashes onto the camera)
  5. If there are no bubbles or a poor flow then suspect a leak or blockage




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Last modified: November 29, 2002