Dosimetry Issues


Patient Dosimetry
Staff Dosimetry

Dosimetry also includes the component from Tc99m-MAA for the perfusion phase.

There are two main areas

  1. Patient Dosimetry (including fetal dosimetry)

    Patient Dosimetry is usually based on the MIRD scheme. The ICRP have proposed a model for this and calculated dosimetry values using this model. We believe their model overestimates the radiation dose to the patient by a factor of two and also give our own calculations. We also discuss the issue of fetal dosimetry if the patient is pregnant.

  2. Staff Dosimetry (including fetal dosimetry!)

Staff can also be concerned due to the fact that the Kr81m gas does leak into the atmosphere when the patient breathes out. We have calculated some figures for the dosimetry of this. Another concern is if a technologist is pregnant. Can they continue with lung scans?





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Last modified: November 29, 2002