Reservoir System



Diagram of a typical arrangement for the reservoir breathing system


Equipment Needed

  1. a compressed air supply, e.g. Capex L2C electric pump
    (NB If using cylinder air add a humidifier).

  2. length of bubble tubing (50 cm).

  3. one-way valve & thin manometer line (e.g. Intersurgical Krypton 'T' Piece).

  4. collimator suitable for Kr81m

  5. secondary Pb shield

  6. disc filter 0.2mm porosity (optional)

  7. 2 X 1 metre flextube.

Equipment Set-up
(typical set-up only. You must refer to your own supplier's recommendations)

  1. Place the generator in the secondary shield next to your gamma camera

  2. Connect the air supply to the generator INLET using the bubble tubing

  3. Fit the disc filter (if recommended) to the generator OUTLET inside the shield

  4. Connect the manometer line to the filter

  5. Carry out the bubble test

  6. Connect the manometer line to the inlet side of the one-way valve
    (an alternative if the valve has no connections is to feed the manometer line down the inlet flextube to sit close to the inlet side of the valve)

  7. Fit flextubes each side of 'T' piece

  8. Fit face mask to 'T' piece.

  9. Suspend flextubes eg from drip stand (see picture).



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Last modified: November 29, 2002