Tc99m Perfusion





In the UK , 100 MBq of 99Tcm-MAA is injected for standard adults (200 MBq activity is used for tomographic views). Images are acquired soon after the injection.


In our department we prefer to give the injection while the patient is sitting. This is because it is simpler to image the patient while they are sitting and we believe it is preferable for the injection and imaging to be carried out with the patient in the same orientation. Some department inject and image with the patient lying down. It is not ideal to inject with the patient sitting up and image with the patient lying down.

There are clear gravitational influences on the lungs and on the perfusion phase. Another factor in injecting sitting up is that PE are much less common in the apices and so more activity is going to the lung bases where most abnormalities occur. Injecting a patient lying down also leads to perfusion gradients from anterior to posterior.




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Last modified: November 29, 2002